Who’s That Girl: Strictly Come Dancing’s Amy Elizabeth

If you’re a Joe of a certain age and disposition, chances are your Saturday early evenings are currently being taken up by watching a bunch of people prancing around on your TV screen – either by choice or force.

But you may also have had your attention caught by a small segment each week for Strictly Come Dancing’s podcast, featuring Scott Mills and an unknown brunette in a black dress. But who is Amy Elizabeth?

Strictly Come Dancing seems to split Joes like no other show but we’re almost certain even the most ardent of fans don’t have time in their day to listen to this year’s accompanying bi-weekly podcast, Strictly Confidential. And while you still probably won’t find the time, the podcast’s co-host and producer Amy Elizabeth has certainly caught our attention…


Having made her name at Radio 1 and 1Xtra as a Producer for the BBC’s Breakfast and Drivetime shows, Elizabeth worked behind the scenes as a producer for the first ever Strictly Come Dancing podcast. She then graduated up the ranks and now works as a co-host alongside Scott Mills, as well as creating all the content for the show.

It may be her first hosting job but she’s obviously got a talent for it. We’ve got a feeling that she won’t be working behind the cameras or on radio for too much longer…


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