Gym Clothes Essentials for Men

Looking to get back in shape after a big summer? You’re not alone. But if it’s been a while and you’ve forgotten what a treadmill even looks like, chances are you need to update your wardrobe before heading down to the gym. So we’ve put a list together of everything you could possibly need for a workout, so you’ll have no excuse to not squeeze in an hour before work…

Gym Clothes for Men


It may sound fairly basic, but you’d be surprised how often we see fellow Joes at the gym in a Fred Perry polo or a vintage Man Utd shirt. The problem with these sorts of tops is they’re often too thick and make you sweat more than you would otherwise. It’s just all a bit unnecessary. How many t-shirts you’re going to need to invest in will totally depend on how often you’re planning on hitting the weights. But we’d suggest one per weekly session; so if you’re going every day, you’ll need five. Obviously this can add up price-wise, so if you’re just using regular cardio machines, we’d suggest you hit the High Street for some wallet-friendly options. Whatever the price, get something with added stretch for freedom of movement.

We Like: H&M Active Short Sleeve Running Top (£12.99)



If, like us, you find tracksuit trousers far too constricting and warm for use in the gym, you’re going to need a decent pair of shorts or two. It may sound simple enough, but one problem we’ve found is that sports shorts often lack a pocket or have very shallow ones. This can be an issue at the gym if you need to keep hold of a locker key or cards. So we’d recommend something with deep zip pockets that’s high of performance. It may cost you more than some Sondico shorts from Sports Direct but it’ll be worth it. Promise.

We Like: Björn Borg Adils Shorts (£40.00)


Compression Tights

If you’re serious about the benefits of a workout, or suffers from bad circulation, compression leggings really are a great addition to your workout wardrobe. They may not be the most flattering of things but not only do they help encourage blood flow – and consequently aid recovery – they also take away moisture away from your legs, meaning you’ll stay comfortable for longer, no matter how intense the workout is.

We Like: Reebok Speedwick Compression Tights (£34.95)



A fairly obvious workout staple but one that needs addressing none the less. As you probably already know, there are literally hundreds of options when it comes to trainers, some of which are finely tuned for certain sports and disciplines. But if you’re after a decent all-rounder, try and find one which give you some extra bounce for comfort during cardio sessions. They also need to be sturdy and have plenty of grip depending on what machines you’re using.

We Like: Nike Zoom Train Complete (£90.00)



OK, they may not be the most essential bit of kit but you can’t be wearing your holey rugby socks down to gym. You just can’t. You could opt for a 5-pack of something from your local sports emporium too, but don’t underestimate the benefits of a specially design workout sock. As well as coming with support and padding, a gym-ready pair of socks can also increase breathability. As a side note, we like a sock that doesn’t show over your trainers – why not look your best during a workout? We’re not philistines, for goodness sake.

We Like: Under Armour Charged Cushion No Show Tab Socks (£12.00)


Gym Bag

Annoyingly all this gym kit is going to need to be put somewhere. But if you’re going to be trawling around a gym bag, you may as well do it style. Thankfully your options are endless! We always suggest opting for something that’s not too big, has pockets and has plenty of padding to keep you comfortable when heading to the gym. We also think a gym bag (or any bag for that matter) is the perfect accessory if you want to add some colour to your outfit!

We Like: Herschel Supply Sutton Duffle (£60)


Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

For us, having a killer playlist sorted for a workout is essential when going to the gym. We even sometimes change it up with a podcast on less intense day. Either way, there’s nothing worse than being locked into a session only for your earbuds to get tangled or fall out thanks to sweat. Which is why a pair of wireless Bluetooth earphones are a must in our eyes. We know they can be expensive, but if you use the gym enough or are a regular commuter, you’ll definitely find them value for money.

We Like: Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones (£129.95)


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