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4th Dimension Watch

Continuing our search for some of the more interesting architecture, technologies and designs out there, we stumbled across the 4th Dimension Watch. The name itself evokes notions of 80s sci-fi television series and the watch looks like it could come from one too!

The 4th Dimension is a concrete-made watch which was inspired by a spiral staircase as it was ‘a visual connecting point between 2 separate dimensions.’ Every ‘stair’ on the watch face is turned at a 30-degree angle, each acting as an hour.

The watch face on the 4th Dimension comes in at 42mm in diameter and the glass is composed of sapphire crystal, which results in a clear surface with extremely high durability against scratching.

The watches are available in three different Models: the Original Model, the Urban Model, and the Midnight Model. Our personal favourite in the collection is the Urban Model, which combines a dark Grey concrete watch surface with a brushed stainless steel bezel, Silver and Blue hands, a polished brass crown, and a Black leather band.

The Original Model combines the authentic concrete base with a brushed stainless steel bezel, untreated brass hands and crown, and a naturally tanned leather band; while the Midnight Model is a little more daring with a combination an all-Black colour scheme. The Midnight also comes with a DLC (diamond like coating) Black plated bezel.

The makers of the concrete watch say it was ‘inspired by the simple complexity of time and space, and our fascination with contemporary architecture and design.’ It’s fair to say the 4th Dimension won’t be to everyone’s taste but it is weirdly captivating.

Whatever you think of the 4th Dimension Watch, it’s certainly different. Which is probably why it’s caught a lot of interest on Kickstarter having already quadrupled its original target. You can get hold of a 4th Dimension from around £190 ($290) for the Midnight Model. A bit pricey if you ask us but there’s no doubting the quality or uniqueness. Check out the 4th Dimension Watch Kickstarter Page for more details.




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