The Primeknit upper with its innovative laceless system provides the top of the foot with a snug, form fitting shoe. Slip your foot in, pull up on the loops, and your foot is locked in to the shoe with a fit you don’t expect from a football boot – as it hugs your foot and provides stretch and flexibility in areas of movement. The stretchy Primeknit in an all in one sock-like construct gives the upper of the shoe a very clean and dynamic look. Whilst it has taken elements from the ACE 16+, this is not a footballing shoe.

Adidas ACE 16+ Ultra Boosts in Blue Blast

The ACE 16+ plus boots were littered with technical advances, like a supportive web underneath the upper to lock in the foot, and structured sides which provided extra protection when striking a ball. The ACE Ultra Boosts, however, have stripped back down to the barest Primeknit essentials to provide that cool sporting look, but without adding unnecessary details. So, if you weren’t aware, you shouldn’t really play football in these. Sure, the Ultra Boost sole is a beauty for running about in, but there won’t be great flexibility in terms of directional change, nor will your foot be spared much when smashing a ball.

The Adidas three stripe branding on the side of the shoe is always an interesting detail, and with the ACE Pure Boost, the face that it is in a matching shade of blue makes the world of difference. Contrasting branding can often be quite garish and obtuse, but by keeping the branding in the same tone, the ACE Ultra Boosts in Blue Blast retain a touch of class. This colourway will turn heads and make an impact.

adidas Boost Blue Blast Sneakers

The Boost sole, as we have said before, is an absolutely fantastic innovation. Boost has, in general, changed the game for Adidas, who have begun adding and upgrading so many silhouttes with the tech. Would Kanye even be making sneakers with them if they didn’t have the boost? Regardless, the Blue Blast Ace Ultra Boosts are a beautiful addition to the line up of sporty sneakers that are more about streetwear than courtwear. You can pick yours up directly from Adidas here.



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