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adidas Futurecraft Leather Superstar

Take a look into the future of footwear with the adidas Futurecraft Leather Superstar, the upper of which has been created using an automated digital milling process!

The new adidas Futurecraft Leather Superstar has an upper created completely from a single piece of leather, which has been milled to varying thicknesses to create the instantly recognisable silhouette as well as providing flexibility and stability exactly where it’s needed.

This Futurecraft trainer isn’t created with 3D-printing, which seems to be the thing these days, but rather with a similarly automated process of milling called CNC Machining. The main advantage of this is the precision in the cutting. CNC is used in in many fields such as furniture and computing but this is the first time it’s been used on trainers.

As a result, the new Superstar silhouette comes with almost-seamless upper and also a huge reduction in the amount of adhesive used to create it. Great for the environment and great for durability!

This isn’t the first adidas trainer to get a futuristic treatment from the German giants – the first Futurecraft instalment came in the form of a 3D printed midsole. But the Leather Superstar is undoubtedly more exciting given its iconic status.

The reason this could be the future of trainers is that it opens up a whole range of possibilities for personalised fits in the future – an idea adidas seems to be keen to get on board with.

The adidas Futurecraft Leather Superstar was released this week at Dover Street Markets in New York, London and Tokyo. In honour of the 45th anniversary of the Superstar, there’s only 45 pairs available and as such they’re a little on the pricey side at around the £300 mark. Ouch!




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