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Allett Wallets

Nobody likes a wallet too chunky to fit in your pocket. San Diego-based wallet manufacturers Allett couldn’t agree and therefore have been producing sleek thin style wallets since 1995.

Designing wallets with a minimalist ethos, Allett slim wallets are made using about a fourth of the material of a standard wallet. Their range has evolved over the past two decades and now includes everything you’d want from premium thin travel wallets to slim leather wallets to credit card holders.

Allett also have security in mind with the recent launch of a new line of RFID blocking wallets, specifically designed to combat the increasing problem of identity theft. These protective wallets are lined with the same RFID blocking alloy used by the US military in their tactical gear to block radio frequencies used to heist your identity and credit card information.

Allett’s sports wallets are for the ultimate minimalist while their international wallets are perfect for the traveller Joes because they can fit all types of currency and some even have space for your passport. We’d also recommend these to those in the UK as some of the other wallets can be a tight squeeze for our Sterling!

Our favourite in their collection is the Classic Leather Coin Pocket Wallet which demonstrates organisation at its finest with room for cards, coins and anything else you could want in there. We also love the Classic Leather Sports Wallet, which floats in the pocket without you even knowing it’s there. It has room for up to ten cards and a single cash pocket and will set you back a very reasonable £16 ($24.95).

There’s also the colour option of Black or Brown leather on basically all of the wallets. They ship to the UK so if you fancy getting hold of one, check out the Allett Website for more details.




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