Anicorn Transforms Minimalist Clock into the Stylist ‘Redundant Watch’

Hong Kong-based design studio and watchmaker Anicorn has teamed up with New York graphic designer Ji Lee to reimage a clock designed by Lee in 1993 into an affordable wearable timepiece for the modern fashionista. An exclusive for the MoMA Design Store, it’s named the ‘Redundant Watch’ and we think it’s a beauty.

The Redundant Watch is inspired by Lee’s 1993 clock which “introduced a layer of friction to the otherwise simple act of telling time and […] forces you to stop and appreciate the moment.” The watch is a visual pun on time-telling with the hands pointing to printed smaller clock hands that represent the hours by their positions. So good, it tells the time twice.

Anicorn has transformed the initial clock design into a minimalist timepiece, complete with a 38mm stainless steel case and sleek leather band. The hour and minute hands come in blue and yellow, while the crown arrives in bright red — a subtle take on a primary colourway.

Anicorn ‘Redundant Watch’ MOMA 4

The MoMA release of the Redundant Watch follows an eventful couple of years for Lee, who relaunched his Redundant Clock on Kickstarter back in 2017 following some traction on Reddit. The concept was then picked up by Anicorn last year with another Kickstarter campaign before MoMA entered the fold.

The Anicorn x MoMA Redundant Watch is available to purchase now over on the MoMA Design Store’s Website where it’s retailing for £181.99 for non-members.

Anicorn ‘Redundant Watch’ MOMA 2
Anicorn ‘Redundant Watch’ MOMA 1

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