Following the success of their Series 000 back in 2014, watchmakers Anicorn are back for the Series K452 which takes inspiration from the revolutionary discovery of Kepler-452b, otherwise known as ‘Earth 2’!

Anicorn Series K452 Watch

The 42mm K452 watch is made predominantly from stainless steel as well as brushed/polished/PVD matte Black plating, depending on the four models available. It’s also battery-free with the range of watches telling Joes the time through rotating concentric discs that are powered by your body’s movement.

The Series K452’s disc system pays homage to the orbital nature of the solar system and as such contains a 3-layer surface from inner to outer discs, graduated for seconds, minutes and hours respectively.

Anicorn Series K452 Watch 4
A reference point for Joes is engraved from the top of the watchface to its centre so you can read time perpendicularly. The seconds are marked out in the centre disc. The minute and hour discs are read through an aperture with a single engraved line at the top of the watch. Sounds complicated on paper but couldn’t be easier!

The best bit about the Series K452 is it requires no battery. It doesn’t even need to be wound as it winds itself as you move. When you wear the watch, your natural movements keep the watch running; you are the power source!

Anicorn Series K452 Watch2
The Series K452 is driven by a Miyota Calibre 9015, a high grade and high frequency model that allows for smooth spinning with great accuracy. Offering slim dimensions and long preserved running time, the Miyota Calibre 9015 is known as one of the highest quality automatic movement motors.

The Anicorn Series K452 Watch is now available from Kickstarter where it’s being crowd-funded. There are four different models to choose from and a selection of straps, including a Milanese mesh bracelet and genuine leather. Prices start at around £225 ($329).

Anicorn Series K452 Watch 3



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