As us Joes start racking up the years and things don’t fit the way they used to, we all need a reminder than growing old with style can be achieved. And we got a much needed boost this week when Puss in Boots himself Antonio Banderas released images from his first ever collection as fashion designer.

Antonio Banderas Design Collection

Banderas, now 55, announced last year he was heading back to University – St Martin’s in London no less – to study Fashion. And if his first collection in partnership with Scandinavian clothing company Selected Homme is anything to go by, Banderas hasn’t been skipping lessons and chugging back £1 pints!

The award-winning actor’s Design Collection features a range of superbly designed every day staples such as polos and shirts, as well as more tailored pieces to have you covered in any situation work or play might throw up.

Antonio Banderas Selected Homme Collection 4
On his first ever collection, Banderas said, ‘Sometimes I am obliged to walk a red carpet, and other days I’m grabbing a leather jacket and out the door. I like a certain look for certain moments, and I like to respect that. It defines the mood, the conversation and the attitude for the many different moments life brings. That’s what we’re doing with the Antonio Banderas Design by Selected Homme, building a collection that meets the demands of the life you lead.’

Antonio Banderas Selected Homme Collection 3
The collection is split into three categories; Leather and Denim, Casual Classic, and Tailoring Essentials. The Leather and Denim/Casual Classic sections feature pretty much what you’d expect with denim jeans, leather jackets and neutral but stylish shirts featuring heavily; while the Tailoring Essentials features a couple of sophisticated blazers and, our favourite, a Boucle-designed long wool coat.

The Antonio Banderas Design collection is available now over at the Selected Homme Website with prices start from around £17 for a t-shirt to £340 for a leather jacket.

Antonio Banderas Selected Homme Collection 2



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