As worn by such historical icons as Admiral Nelson, Napoleon & the Duke of Wellington in the early 19th century, the very British brand which originated in the North West of England has been re-born for the modern era.

Atkinsons London Aftershave

With the new releases encapsulating 5 of the firms classic scents including 24 Old Bond Street, The Odd Fellow’s Bouquet, Fashion Decree, The British Bouquet & The Nuptial Bouquet, Atkinsons have a range embodying regal luxury.

Our pick at Average Joes is ‘The Odd Fellow’s Bouquet’ Eau de Toilette. Inspired by the atmosphere and aroma of a London gentleman’s club, the fragrance offers notes of almond, dark tobacco, ginger & fiery peppercorn to offer the wearer a sense of deep rich luxe.

The packaging is quintessentially British, with a distinct strength and traditional character, and with a price tag of £95, it is reasonably priced for the level of distinguished cologne you are getting.

Atkinsons fragrances are exclusive to Harrods and can be purchased alongside products for cleansing & bathing as well as scents for the home.



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