Audaca Shave and Skincare

Audaca may be a new brand name to many of you, but given time we have a feeling that you will be seeing it more and more. A premium Shave and Skincare range built and designed purely for men. Although based here in the UK, Audaca Shave and Skincare is made from natural products that are sourced ethically the world over including Madagascar and Peru.

Started by adventurers, its a mans brand for a man, a man that likes to explore, to be different, to live on the edge, and ultimately be at home with nature. The range landed on our doorstep a few weeks ago, and the clean, simple packaging immediately screams premium, and we have started to fall in love with the natural aroma that comes from all of the products.

There are a total of 5 products in the Audaca Shave and Skincare Range, they are:

  • Audaca Hydrate – moisturiser
  • Audaca Scrub – exfoliating face wash
  • Audaca Wash – every day face wash
  • Audaca Shave – translucent shave gel
  • Audaca Soothe – post shave soother

The face washes and moisturiser have taken up permanent residency in my travel bag, and I am sure the shave would to should I not be growing a beard! Check out the range (and rather cool, minimalist site) now at and prices start from £8 for the face wash.