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Autumn Style: Barbour

The brand Barbour needs no introduction. When you think of British Heritage Fashion, Barbour is always at the very top of the list – and with Autumn fast approaching there is no better time to look at a few key Barbour pieces that are going to keep you warm, dry and looking very much on point this AW season.

So we have teamed up with Country Attire and Barbour to choose our favourite pieces. As always, it’s all about layers and using them to the best possible effect. That means starting closest to your skin and instead of going with a classic t-shirt we want to push the boat out with a little bit of check . Now you need to be careful with check, a few years ago every man and his dog was wearing a check shirt and to be honest most of them should have been burnt instead of worn out in public. However, as with any style, a good fitting and thought out style can do wonders for any wardrobe. We have chosen the Forestay Shirt with it’s blue and navy check across a really nice thick brushed cotton which is a great tailored fit for such a heritage brand.

Once we have our base layer it’s time for a mid. Something warm enough that if it’s dry you won’t need a jacket but something that can equally have a jacket over top without adding too much bulk. We have gone against the norm and chosen the Foremast Jumper. With it’s shawl neck and a kind of ‘large dogtooth’ grey lines over navy, it really does work well. It’s also made from 100% Lambswool, which if you didn’t know is one of the few fabrics in the world to maintain it’s warmth even if completely wet.


Lastly it is of course all about the jacket. Now when you think of Barbour you have to think of the classic wax. Whilst we didn’t want to stay to close to tradition, we have decided to go for a wax but with a much more modern look and tailored fit to suit the slimmer man amongst us who is still hanging on to that summer body. The Barbour Dock Jacket ticks all of the boxes for the perfect Autumn / Winter top layer. We opted for Olive Green to maintain that traditional look – but the addition of two chest pockets and the strap round neck give a much more urban explorer feel.

There we have it, our top three pieces for Autumn / Winter 2016 when Heritage and pure British style are top of your hit list. Seen something else you like? Let us know in the comments below!





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