We consider ourselves thoroughly modern Joes here at AJ HQ, but not even we think we’re prepared for this Baker Miller Pink Hoodie, which is being dubbed ‘the world’s most relaxing piece of technical clothing.’

Baker Miller Pink Hoodie

Whether you’ve still got work on your mind or need calming down from that pasting your team received at Home, the Baker Miller Pink Hoodie is designed to make you zone out. It zips up fully over your face and is made to activate your parasympathetic nervous system, which controls rest and recovery.

While there’s a long essay on the Baker Miller Website as to why and how it does this – here are the basics… Firstly, the mesh visor on the hood floods your vision with a shade of Pink which is specifically designed to lower your heart rate. The positioning of the visor encourages you to breathe through your nose, which naturally slows your breathing.

Baker Miller Pink Hoodie 1
The Hoodie also features pockets. Not that radical in itself but by putting your arms in the Asymmetrical Sling Pockets (one is strategically positioned higher than the other), your movement is minimised, oxygen consumption is limited and you therefore focus on deep stomach breathing.

As well as the Hoodie being made from a high performance softshell, which means it’s breathable, water repellent, insulated and wind proof, Baker Miller have gone the extra mile by curated a soundtrack to be listened to while wearing your it.

Baker Miller Pink Hoodie 4
There’s a zipped inside pocket and built-in cable channels to listen to the music which is constructed almost entirely from elements of pink noise, said to induce a meditative state in your brain by regulating and slowing down your brainwaves!

While we’re not entirely sure the Baker Miller Pink Hoodie would relax us, with the constricted movement, the bright colour and a £220 price tag, we do think it would work perfectly if you’re considering becoming a vigilante. Check out more details at the Baker Miller Website.

Baker Miller Pink Hoodie 5
Baker Miller Pink Hoodie 3



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