Swatch Celebrate 100 Years of Bauhaus with Watch Collection

2019 marks the 100th anniversary of the massively influential German art school, Bauhaus. And to celebrate the occasion, Swatch has decided to release a 25-model strong collection of timepieces. Named the Bau Swatch collection, the watches range from subdued monotone models to colourful, art-inspired references.

The new Bau Swatch collection features a range of models that all celebrate the signature Bauhaus style. The style itself was founded upon the idea of creating a ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’, or ‘total work of art’, in which art and functionality are in perfect balance. It’s these very characteristics which form the basis of the new Swatch collection.

There are 25 different watches in the collection, each varying in size, colour and style, but many are grouped under a single model. Our favourite of which is the Bau Swatch Elementary, a quintessential Bauhaus watch which offer a splash of colour from the signature Bauhaus blue, red and yellow hands.

Bauhaus Swatch Bau Watch Collection 2

The Bauhaus version of the Swatch Sistem 51, aptly named the Sistem Bau, is also a standout. Featuring an entirely white case and strap with contrasting black and coloured details, hints of colour can be found on the dial with a red date indication and six red dots to indicate the placement of the jewels in the Sistem 51 movement.

Bauhaus Swatch Bau Watch Collection 4

There’s also two SWATCH X YOU options, which means Joes and Janes can even create their own personal version of a Bauhaus style Swatch with colour options available on basically everything you can see.

All timepieces in the Bau Swatch collection are available to purchase over at the Swatch Website with prices starting from a very reasonable £47.

Bauhaus Swatch Bau Watch Collection 1

Earlier this year, Swedish watchmakers TRIWA announced that it will be selling a limited-edition Donald Trump-inspired watch that was original conceived purely for April Fool’s Day.