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BBQ’s and Summer Style, with Grant’s Signature

The summer is here (we think) and after pairing up with Grant’s Signature to create the perfect whisky cave for you and your friends it’s time to move the fun outdoors and think about firing up the BBQ. We have teamed up with Grant’s Whisky once again to help you create a summer filled with BBQ goodness.

We look at what you should choose as your drink of choice at summer BBQs and also what to wear for the occasion. Signature summer style never came so easy.

BBQ Drinks – Whisky Cocktails

A whisky cocktail or Grant’s Signature on the rocks will instantly up your BBQ credentials while providing zingy refreshment to bridge hazy days and balmy nights. Choosing a few key flavours and ingredients will make some rather delicious summer cocktails and make you the toast of the summer.

Here are our two favourite (and easy to make) whisky cocktails:

Easy to Make BBQ Cocktails

We adore the Mizuwari’s fresh flavours, plus it’s incredibly uncomplicated.

  • 50ml Grant’s Signature
  • Two dashes of Angostura bitters
  • Top with sparkling water
  • Orange twist to garnish

So simple, literally anyone can make this: Signature & Ginger.

  • 50ml Grant’s Signature
  • Top with ginger ale
  • Serve with ice
  • Orange or lemon twist to garnish

Grant's Whisky Cocktails

BBQ Style and Fashion

You already know you will be the toast of any BBQ with your new found edge and choice of whisky cocktails. But what to wear? You have two main style choices: the Classic and of course, the Suave.

As with all summer events that will transition from afternoon to evening, layers are key. Both of these style choices have been chosen to maximise layers and show the most stylish way to wear them.

First up, we have chosen you a classic look which will never go out of fashion: Teaming a graphic print t-shirt with a more casual over-shirt to create the layer. This could be denim (as shown here) or a tight gingham check for something a little bit different to help you stand out from the rest.

A decent denim is the next stop and as with all trousers, the fit and cut is the most important thing. Trousers that fit you correctly will automatically flatter in the right places; there is no place for John Wayne here. You need to be well groomed and well turned out, just like the Signature whisky you will be drinking.

On your feet, something comfortable and casual is just perfect, white plimsolls work well, as would a sports shoe for a slightly more preppy look – you’ll also be ready for any possible BBQ sport, who fancies the egg and spoon?!

Casual BBQ Style

The Suave
There will always be a BBQ where you want to make a little more of a Signature statement. You may even just like to push the envelope and be a little different, creating your own Signature style no matter what the occasion.

Your perfect BBQ wear will revolve around the blazer. It’s summer so colour is important, don’t go darker than navy and ideally stick with something a little more washed out to boost summer vibes. Either way you can always contrast with your chosen trouser. Next up is the fit, and as with any item of suiting, it needs to fit you like a proverbial glove.
Instead of a white shirt underneath (firstly, you are not in a boyband and secondly drinks, sauces and your best white shirt don’t mix). Trust us, a polo shirt will be just right, opt for a darker colour to hide any potential mishaps.

BBQ Fashion for Men - Blazer

After that, trainers aren’t going to cut it and rolling out your best Oxford’s might also be a touch too far. Choose a casual boot such as a chukka or a simpler silhouette with casual fabric like suede. Team with your best sunglasses (which go to blazer pocket when the sun goes down) and your favourite cocktail!

There we go, our ways in which to create the perfect whisky cave followed by the very best in whisky cocktails from Grant’s Signature and finally how to dress to impress at your chosen summer BBQ.



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