If there’s one time of year where you can get away with wearing novelty garments and accessories guilt-free, it has to be during the festive season. But while we’re fully on board with the Christmas Jumper craze, we’re still not entirely sure what to make of this… Take a look at these Xmas fairy lights made especially for… your beard?

You Can Now Buy Christmas Fairy Lights for Your Beard

Yes, if you’ve not got room for a Christmas tree and nowhere to hang your lights this year, why not make yourself the tree with these Beard Lights? A small set of 18 multi-coloured LED lights suspended on a 90cm cable, they come complete with tiny clips so you can hang them from your bustling bristles.

They work just like normal fairy lights but in miniature form. So the makers assure customers they nestle comfortably in your face fuzz and aren’t in the slightest bit intrusive. That said, they do say to give them a miss ‘when your beard hair is wet, or when outside during wet weather’ and to avoid getting the completely soaked with booze.


They are battery powered but apparently the pack is small enough to hide and clip onto your facial hair too. But that does mean you’re not going to get these bad boys into anything another than real Viking-type facial hair. We should say, they are heatless too, so they won’t burn your face either.

The Christmas Beard Lights are being sold over at Firebox now for just £10.99 but they’re currently out of stock. You can, however get your pre-order in. Just be aware that ‘facial hair is not included.’


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