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Beard Trimmer Reviews

Movember is over, and some of you may be considering, or have already ventured forth with intent down the Decembeard route. I, for one, have been growing and altering my facial hair since last Movember, with maybe only one week of being clean-shaved. As a result, I’ve had the time to try out and test a disproportionately large number of trimmers given that my facial hair has the tensile strength of steel and has destroyed razors, trimmers, scissors and even women. And with the lack of Beard Trimmer Reviews, I thought it best to construct my own.

Take a walk with me through the potentially perillous road that leads to finding the best beard trimmer.

Philips QT4090 Beard Trimmer – £32

It has a bucket load of features including a digital display telling you the cutting length to the millimetre with 18 different length settings, a charging indicator so you won’t face the embarrassment of running out of power mid-trim (done that, Joe!), a turbo boost for speed trimming, a travel lock to avoid the Hollywood-style cliché of a vibrating suitcase (which has happened to me), a carrying pouch to protect it in your bag and rather uniquely it has a vacuum and storage compartment to suck away the trimmings! So, that being said, how good is it to use? Well, its really easy to use against my face and the ease of setting the height is great and steady – sometimes this can seem quite unstable and can slip (another unfortunate accident I have encountered in the past).

BaByliss For Men 7890U i-stubble trimmer from £30

I have owned a few of the i-stubble range in the past and, in honesty, they haven’t been the best trimmers ever. They were the first, as far as I can recall, to introduce the digital display and control for the height of the blades, and this has always worked well. In the new design the blades are enclosed behind a larger head, which makes it harder for minute detail or trimming the moustache area without taping your nose to your forehead. However, this head does flex very well with facial contours, meaning it gets an even shave on across the jaw-line. It also comes with an oil and brush set for keeping those blades tip-top. Perhaps best about this trimmer was its design. It is slightly larger than you might think, but fits perfectly weighted in the hand, providing the best experience I’ve had for moving it about my face. An upgrade on its older and other standard models is its 2-pin plug, meaning I could charge it in the bathroom and use it whilst charging. Its worth noting a few other people have complained about not getting even shaves, and that the build quality was low – personally I didn’t experience this.

The other advantage of this trimmer is the settings, if you want more of a designer stubble that a beard, this goes down in smaller increments, which I know at least two of our guys use.


Remmington MB320C Beard Trimmer – £20

An oldie but a goodie, it doesn’t come with fancy displays or vacuums. Instead, it simply does what it says on the tin. Its range of trimming is from 1.5mm up to 18mm, which shows it doesn’t go as close as those above, but its forte is in its simplicity. Simply roll the wheel to get the desired length, and get trimming. The blades are coated and don’t require constant oiling to keep them and the mechanism fresh and it is fairly robust in its design, unlike some of the sleeker, but more fragile i-stubbles. It is an old product, and as such the battery in it is outdated and won’t last for too long – people typically complain it can die out after 6 months, or 18 months, but given the price and ease of use, this might be overlooked. Another issue I had with it was that whilst trimming, it sent my hair in all directions like watching Edward Scissorhands doing his thing – meaning setting aside a few extra minutes to clean up and hunt down errant hairs in the bathroom.

Braun Cruzer 6 series – £52

This has to be mentioned, and although I haven’t owned a set, I have given a mate’s a run around my chops to see what it can do and it is the most expensive. This was the all-in-one face trimmer and shaver, and I must admit I have never been fond of the combination of functions. Its range is from 1mm up to a meagre 6mm, so if you are fond of shorter looks only, this is fine and is easily set with a quick slide of your finger. It does come with two extra finer design blades, which make the upper lip area much easier to sort out, as well as another for between the ear and the sideburns. It comes with a 2-pin system, but a lot of people seem to be annoyed by this. I was told that the charging time is good, although getting used to the system of getting the most out of the shaver/trimmer combo took quite so time. For me, the best thing was that it was a watertight design that didn’t feel too imbalanced given the combo, and that means trimming in the shower is an easy option.


For me, the Philips QT4090/32 is the best so far, and is real value for money too, especially with the vacuum function – although this doesn’t really catch all of the cuttings with some flying off at all angles, although that could be my wild facial hair. If you are saving and can’t find it on offer at the price above, then the Remmington is perhaps your next best bet. If its combo you’re after, the Braun Cruzer 6 is probably your best bet too. I have to discount the i-stubble because I once owned one that blew up when charging, physically exploding and sending dangerous shards across my room, but the other guys haven’t had major problems apart from them being fragile. These all make great Christmas presents too by the way, and don’t just chuck £20 at some random “men’s trimming set” please, put some thought into it!



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