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Bellroy Nude Slim Sleeve Wallet

Nowadays, most of us walk around with slim, space-saving mobile phones, go home to our slim laptops or tablets, and watch TV on a slim flat screen. However this emphasis on slim lined life choices rarely extends to our wallets, which are often bulging, space-consuming objects commonly containing more cards than a branch of Clinton’s. Welcome Bellroy.

Since 2009, wallet manufacturer Bellroy has recognised this and aims to change the world its range of slim wallets. This Australian-based company produces a range of products and claims to have a simple yet ambitious goal, to ‘slim your wallet.’ And having owned for one for the last 3 months, we concur!

So far Bellroy have produced nine different wallet styles, including: a card sleeve, a travel wallet, and a passport sleeve. Their most recent addition, however, is a modified version of the popular ‘slim sleeve’ wallet and is notable for its simplicity and lack of components. There’s no lining, zips, or clasps – just three pieces of leather and thread, which, Bellroy states, is the best way of slimming down the size of your wallet. After all, less components means more space for storing cash and cards. The wallet is small – 8cm x 9.5cm – although there’s room for folded notes and around 15 cards, and there’s also a neat pull tab for infrequently accessed cards. There’s a range of colours in shades of black, brown, and blue, and all wallets are made using vegetable tanned leather.


For those not interested in the wallet itself, however, the site does also include a guide to slimming your wallet, along with additional tips on travelling light and leather care advice (although be warned, once you’re on the site you may find yourself pining for a Bellroy).

Prices are not particularly cheap at £59, although a 3-year warranty is included and the simplicity of the products does mean there are less parts to suffer damage, so those looking for a wallet downsize could do worse than the slim elegance of a Bellroy.




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