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Bellroy Phone Cases

We’ve been big fans of Bellroy for a long time. Their range of wallets are elegant, functional and offer a surplus in value. So our ears were perked when we heard that Bellroy had decided to delve into the phone case market. After some inspection, we absolutely love them!

Bellroy are offering two cases: the Phone Case 1 Card and the Phone Case 3 Card. It doesn’t take too much lateral thinking to know the difference. The 1 Card has space for a single credit card while the 3 Card has space for three cards.

The practicality of the Bellroy Phone Case is clear to see. No more bulky pockets on a run, or digging for your wallet as you commute. The cases are made from a sturdy polymer for strength, and a full-grain leather so it feels great.

Bellroy have made sure it only takes a swipe of your thumb to release the card. There’s also space for cash behind the case, which means you can leave your whole wallet at home. For you traveller Joes, you’ll also find a secure slot for your SIM so it’s a breeze to stay connected on your travels.

The Bellroy Phone Cases fit an iPhone 6 and are made from vegetable tanned leather. There’s four colour options available with offerings of Black, Blue Steel, Java and Tamarillo. We don’t even have a preference as we genuinely love them all.

A Bellroy Case 1 Card will set you back £39, while the 3 Card costs a tad more at £49. We think both are excellent value and will suit any modern Joe! Check out the full range on the Bellroy Website.




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