Bluebeards Revenge


I need to start this article by saying I am not a big shaver, I don’t mean I have a Santa Claus esq beard on my face, but I generally use an electric trimmer and maintain ‘stubble’ rather than clean shaven. However with Movember upon us, we have all been shaving like crazy 16 year olds!

We were asked to test the BlueBeards Revenge range, a UK based company which has gone from strength to strength in recent years but still under the radar of many people on the high street. They specialise in mens grooming and quality shaving products which they say are proven to reduce hair growth and provide additional recovery to the skin.

The cause for this claim is the use of it’s main ingredient is Decelerine™, and in tests it showed a 30% decrease in hair length as well as a 16% reduction in hair density after 60 days. You can understand why they go on about it, and if you have quite a thick covering of facial hair then you will really see the benefits after prolonged use. Even after half a dozen wet shaves over the course of a month and using the post shave balm in-between I could feel a much easier shave with less irritation. The shaving cream gave a really good coverage with very little from the tub which makes me think it will last a fair while. You can of course just froth it up in your hands, or if you want to go old skool then a shaving brush is the way to go and provides a much more even coverage. The post shaving balm I liked even more, I use it after every shave and trim, the cooling effect reducing any sign of irritation and it smells surprisingly good as well. It’s not quite ready to replace my Vera Wang, but I have had people (girls thankfully) comment I smell good, even when I’m not wearing my usual smell.


BR aren’t just about the science and facial products though, they also have a good range of branded shaving equipment available. I had my hands on their shaving brush and bowl, both of which look great in the bathroom next to the quality product tubs (not your usual quality spray tins here). I also managed to get my mitts on a cut-throat razor. It really does look the part, but as an amateur it was hardly the quickest and smoothest shave of my life, in-fact it took me a while just to figure out how to insert the blades! They do have a great looking standard razor which is compatible with the Gillette blades. It looks very cool, with the quality and look of a fine, hand engineered Kelly Brook (yes that sexy!). It will definitely be on my Christmas list.


Primarily aimed at ‘the real man’, Bluebeards Revenge is the ideal fit for the Average Joe. We don’t do bum fluff and we don’t do girls (well we kinda ‘do do’ girls but hey…). Not only are these good quality products, but they are UK based and Bluebeards Revenge also donate 50p of every sale to charity. For 2011 that is the FireFighters charity, and is just another reason to go give them a try.

You can find the products on their website at or at a host of major online stockists such as Amazon.