Boxfresh Camo Collection

We have said it before, so we may as well say it again. CAMO IS IN! Yes, all those weird people who walk round in army get-up and you worry they are madmen are suddenly at the height of fashion. Well not quite, but you get what I mean. Camo is very much the pattern of 2013, and we love some of the pieces coming out ready for summer, especially those a little different or quirky. And it seems Boxfresh didn’t want to get left behind, as they have just detailed their Boxfresh Camo Print Collection.

Using their own interpretation of the camo print, the colour scheme is as you would expect but the actuall shapes are much more uniform and rectangular to fall in line with their own branding and logo. We are big fans of the jacket, sweatshirt, shorts and the rather subtle style on the trainers, with just the rubber outsole being print.

Check out the pieces below, and look out for them hitting shops and this spring!