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Braun Cooltec CT2S Razor Review

Braun’s Cooltec CT2S is a part of their new Cooltec Razor range, bringing a specific and rather stunning new feature to the crowded electric razor marketplace. Forget those manual razors where the goal is to squeeze as many blades onto one of the smallest surfaces known to man – Braun have come up with something completely innovative: the cooling bar. Read on for our Braun Cooltec CT2S Razor Review.

With Christmas on the horizon and Amazon’s constant deals on these razors, now is the perfect time to have a closer look. We put the Braun Cooltec CT2S model razor through its paces to see if it lives up to its grand claims and whether or not we can be tempted back into the world of electric razors.

Unboxing the Cooltec CT2S, its weight becomes immediately noticeable and it is a damn sight heavier than most razors we are used to. This is pretty much a love or hate moment from the outset, you’ll either get the impression of solid build quality, or a burdensome tool that will require more effort than you want when you’re shaving. Personally, we felt it was very solidly put together, most likely due to the fact that it has been designed to be waterproof up to 5m (if you’re taking it for a shave in the pool).


Razor burn is an all too familiar issue for anyone who has used an electric razor before. Most solutions for this tend to revolve around gels, oils or ointments – so the Cooltec’s bar is an innovative approach to preventing razor burn and providing a more comfortable shave. It is incredibly simple to use, just push the button, watch the snowflake symbol go blue, and within a few seconds its cool and ready to go. It is very obvious when shaving that it is doing a job of keeping your skin cool and refreshed throughout the rigorous ordeal that shaving can be. At the end of the shave, the noticeable redness was certainly reduced in comparison to other razors we have used, so on the razor burn front we can safely say that this Cooltec bar is the real deal.

Its also worth noting that the Cooltec CT2S has a host of features that make it better than your average razor. The adaptive foils move with your facial contours and have an adaptive cutting length, so realistically should be able to cope with varying lengths of hair getting them neatly down to nothing. It comes with quite a fancy charging cable/docking system too which looks good. The Cooltec C2TS also has a travel lock. What is a travel lock? Well, in rather sitcom fashion, I have experienced the buzzing in the suitcase at the airport moment… fortunately a travel lock stops this from happening! The Cooltec CT2S has a relatively fast charge time, 45 minutes for full and needing only 5 minutes for 1 shave (NB, after testing, this is only if you are the world’s FASTEST shaver).


That being said, we have had a few issues with the Cooltec CT2S that we must bring to your attention. Firstly, this is a razor that appears to be developed for every day use. I wouldn’t recommend shaving sporadically with it. After rigorous testing, it appears that 3 days is the most you can go without shaving as the blades on the Cooltec CT2S do not do an effective job on stubble over this length. Whether this is as a result of length, the ridiculous strength of some facial hair, or potentially the direction of hair growth we are not sure, but we have had multiple test subjects confirm this. The trimming function is good for bringing the length of the hair down, but you shouldn’t have to use this over the whole face! Indeed, this could do with being marginally wider – although perhaps that’s just our personal preference.

The Cooltec CT2S is incredibly easy to clean and is waterproof, meaning you can’t go wrong giving the razor a thorough clean. Interestingly, the razor can be purchased with a docking station that does the cleaning internally – a handy tool, but given how relatively easy it is anyway, perhaps this is unnecessary? The charging station is quite nice too, and as an alternative for having a plug into the bottom, the Braun Cooltec CT2S charges via two touch points on the back, which connect when resting snugly in its cradle. I like this a lot, but if you knock it at any point off of these, it will stop charging.


All in all, the Cooltec CT2S is a nice looking, sturdy razor that will happily relieve you of your stubble in a rather novel way by keeping your skin and face cool throughout. Razor burn is certainly diminished and its a lot easier to shave and run out the door using the CT2S, rather having to wait about subduing your red face after you’ve shaved. That being said, it is no good for precision shaving, its all or nothing with this chunky monkey razor, and it needs to be used on a daily basis for it to be effective at what it does.




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