Some products we share with you lot just sell themselves; and with much of our readership working in places of civil unrest and even more employed by Ernst Stavro Blofeld this may well be one of them. Introducing the Garrison Bespoke Bulletproof Suit.

Bullet Proof Suit

Canadian based suit makers Garrison Bespoke have designed a peak lapel, pinstriped navy blue suit that is 30 times stronger than steal. The technology involved is used for US troop uniforms in Iraq. It works by lining carbon fibre nanotubes within the fabric that will harden on impact with bullets and knives.

Bulletproof clothing is nothing new but is notoriously heavy and leaves little room for movement. Garrison Bespoke say that the nanotube technology enables a thinner, lighter and more flexible wear than your standard Kevlar (which is normally used for bulletproof gear) cover with the Bulletproof Suit weighing half of it’s Kevlar equivalent.


Of course the selling point here is the safety of this suit. But with serious money involved, you’re going to want to look your best. We think the Bulletproof Suit looks stylish and modern and we’re assured it’s light and comfortable. It certainly appears to be a much more sophisticated and discreet alternative to wearing a bulletproof vest underneath your attire.

Garrison Bespoke say, “no matter the conditions – rain, shine, or even snow – our clients are readily clothed in the best garments tailored precisely for their lifestyle.” It would have to be some lifestyle to fork out the $20,000 price for the Bulletproof Suit, but if safety really is an important concern and you need to be looking your best – we say it’s better to be dressed not to kill.




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