A strong coffee to start the day is an absolute must for us here at Joes HQ. So naturally when we heard about the world’s first caffeinated toothpaste, we were curious to say the least. It’s called Power Toothpaste and the makers claim it’ll give Joes that much-needed rush while they brush!

Caffeinated Power Toothpaste

A single tube of Power Energy Toothpaste comes with enough toothpaste for up to 90 brushes. The main selling point is that while a coffee takes 30-45 minutes to fully absorb into your system, Power Toothpaste takes effect almost immediately, meaning you’ll feel energized and alert before you’ve even finished brushing!

We’re rest assured Power Toothpaste doesn’t go overboard on the caffeine, instead it provides a nice subtle buzz, increasing focus and alertness first thing in the morning without the crash. One brush with Power Toothpaste gives you the same energy boost as a cup of coffee, just much quicker and cheaper.

Power Energy-toothpaste Caffeinated 3
While it has a great UPS, Power Toothpaste obviously needs to do the job of a regular toothpaste. That means it tastes minty and beats plaque and tartar build-up in the same way as the leading brands. It also contains whitening power, compared to coffee which stains and darkens.

Like most novelty ideas, the proof will be in the usage but we love the idea and can see Power Toothpaste as a great alternative to a morning coffee. It’s quicker, cheaper and takes no real extra effort.

Joes can hold of some Power Toothpaste by heading over to the brand’s Indiegogo Page where the product is getting crowd-funded. Single tubes and double packs have sold out but 5 tubes will set you back around £35 ($49). Not cheap but almost certainly makes up for the money you’ll save on coffee!

Power Energy-toothpaste Caffeinated 2



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