Casio Release Special G-Shock and Transformers Watch

Celebrating the 35th anniversary of both G-Shock and Transformers, Casio have just unveiled the new DW-6900TF-SET. As well as including a G-Shock watch, it also comes with a Transformer figure that transforms from a robot to a pedestal for the watch and then back again.

Yes, taking us fully back to our childhood, Casio has announced the release of a new collaboration model between two of Japan’s biggest brands, fusing together G-Shock’s shock-resistant watches and cartoon/movie franchise Transformers and their figurines.

This is the second time G-Shock and Transformers have teamed up, having first collaborated in 2017 to create a movie with a new original character named GT3 Prime, inspired by G-Steel. The new collaboration goes a step further by releasing a physical product in the form of a special Transformer robot they’re catchily naming Master Optimus Prime Resonant Mode.


The special robot included in the DW-6900TF-SET integrates a G-Shock watch into its chest and transforms back and forth between Master Optimus Prime Robot Mode. The matching red and blue watch is based on the popular DW-6900 model.


Turning on the EL backlight of the watch illuminates the Autobot symbol from ‘the camp of righteousness and justice to which Master Optimus Prime belongs’. The special model also comes with some custom packaging.

The Casion G-Shock x Transformers DW-6900TF-SET is available from G-Shock Carnaby Store, as well as over at the G-Shock Website, where it costs £300.


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