Casio announced its first smartwatch at CES 2016 last week in the form of the WSD-F10. While the majority of smartwatches on the market may look cool, they tend to lack that UPS. Casio weren’t going to fall into the same trap and as such the WSD-F10 is perfect for Joes who love the great outdoors.

Casio WSD-F10 Smart Outdoor Watch

The Casio smart outdoor watch runs on Android Wear but it is a little more rugged than its competition with a bunch of features that make it perfect for hiking, fishing and cycling.

First of all it is water-resistant up to 50 metres and is the first smart watch with a built-in microphone to achieve that resistance. It also has a MSL-STD-810 military compliance or in other words – it’s incredibly durable.

Casio Smart Outdoor Watch Cycling
The watch face on the WSD-F10 has been designed to let Joes change not only the colour of the dial but also the contents displayed on the dial. That means you can add pretty much any function to the face to suit your outdoor activity of choice.

If you’re into fishing or hiking, the Casio can give you incoming weather and even predict movements of the fish. For the cyclists, this Casio will show data such as the travel speed, distance and time.

Casio Smart Outdoor Watch Fishing
The WSD-F10 also comes complete with a pressure sensor, compass and accelerometer, with users able to check altitude, air pressure, tide graphs and activity, among other things. All of which can be put on your display screen.

In order to maintain perfect visibility in any condition, the 1.32-inch screen display employs a dual-layer structure: one monochrome LCD with its continuous time display and one colour LCD display for measurement information and applications.

The Casio WSD-F10 outdoor smart watch comes in colour options of Black, Orange, Red and army Green, and will cost around $500 (around £340) when it’s released in the US this April. No UK details have been announced yet but head over to the Casio WSD Website for more watch specs.

Casio Smart Outdoor Watch 1
Casio Smart Outdoor Watch



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