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Celebrating 20 Year of Fish Hair Styling

The modern Joe will invariably have his go-to weapon of choice when it comes to hair styling products. But for years now, one of ours has been Fish hair products from right out of Soho, London. And this year Fish hair styling are celebrating their 20th birthday!

While Fish opened their shop in Soho in 1987 in what was formerly a 1940s fishmongers with original deco tiles and slate floor, they launched their first product, the Fish Hair Wax, back in 1995 in Harrods. Paul Burfoot, the owner of the Fish salon, cooked up the very first Fish hairstyling product in his back garden almost burning down his shed in the process!

It’s been a long journey for Fish, and one that’s had some iconic moments along the way. Not only did they put the “Soho Crop” on the map but Fish also headed up the Britpop movement with the “Scarface” cut and styled Paul Weller for his comeback solo album cover. With their unique coconut fragrance, Fish has also led the way for innovation with their release in 1995 of the first ever water-soluble hair wax.

To celebrate the landmark, Fish has just launched five brand new products; FlexyFish Spray Wax, SuperFish Hairspray, SuperFish Slickfish Gel, Platinum Thickening Shampoo and Volume Styling Mousse.

The SuperFish range of hardcore hold styling essentials are definitely not for the faint hearted. The range delivers tough performing products which won’t let you or your style down. The SuperFish Fishsticks Hairspray is built to hold and shape or fix your look with an extra strong formulation that’s fast drying and non-sticky with a natural effect. SuperFish Slickfish Gel offers a smooth and controlled style that gives a wetlook finish with flexible hold while tackling flyaways and fluffy hair.

With a refined fragrance and extra conditioning agents, Fish’s Platinum Editions helps deliver volume and strength to all hair types. Fishfoam Volume Styling Mousse helps build strength, volume and lift from the roots while styling and shaping hair. Added maca root extract helps to improve hair brittleness and thickness as an extra bonus. The Plumpfish Thickening Shampoo contains hydrolyzed wheat protein and date extract delivering extra volume and thickness that will help build your hair’s inner strength.

Finally the Flexyfish Spray Wax is perfect for Joes who want all the styling benefits of a wax but with a controlled and easy application. It will give your hair texture and definition coupled with a non-greasy flexible hold.

Prices for the new products range from £4.29 for the Plumpfish Shampoo to £6.15 for the Flexyfish Spray Wax. Excellent value for money, as we’ve come to expect from Fish. You can get hold of products from your local Boots or on the Fish Soho Website. Happy Birthday, Fish!




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