Now Clarks may not be the typical brand you would expect to read within mens lifestyle or Average Joes, but bear with us just a moment. They are known to make quality shoes that will last for years, hence why our mums always bought them for school! But over the last few years a change has been ‘afoot’ and Clarks have added another string to their bow, the string of making rather nice, fashionable mens shoes.

Clarks Mens Shoes

Originally born in 1825, C. and J. Clark International Ltd as they are formally (and still officially) known have over 1000 stores spanning across some 160 countries, and with sales of over £1000 million, they sit comfortably in the top 50 private companies within the UK which is no mean feat for what is ultimately a high street brand.

On to the modern day, and we have noticed a shift in culture. Yes you can still find shoes for your kids that will last longer than a couple of weeks from the summer holidays but you can also get a lot a more. The first thing we noticed was the strong range of Clarks Mens Boots. They are rugged, hard wearing and really look the part. Whether you want something slightly more casual or pretty much full weather proof walking boots, they have a good selection and pretty reasonably priced for what you get!

We have chosen 3 particular differing styles below, the Marden Heath in tan leather is a perfect desert boot but slightly more formal than the current crop of canvas uppers we are seeing. The Midford Up GTX is a proper walking boot but still with a fashion edge. It’s durable too, and you won’t find much better than the Gore-Tex technology inside. The Midford Alp GTX again is a Gore-Tex boot but with a more classic walking boot look, perfect for our current weather!


Looking forward to 2013 and what we hope is a quite lovely spring / summer, we have had a peek at some of the new Clarks Mens Shoes 2013 Collection. Focusing on a couple of stand out pieces we really like, the Clarks Mardon Grove and Clarks Nadon Place. They both have similar qualities with the Nadon that little more casual perhaps than the Mardon. They are striking, strong, bold, yet in the same way very understated, simple and clean. The soft, smooth leather with contrast details set these shoes apart from much else on the market and we can see them being a huge hit during the summer months. Perfecting teamed with some tailored shorts or rolled up denim jeans.

For more of the same, or to check out the latest range, head over to Clarks Mens Shoes and see for yourself.


We would like to thank Clarks Shoes for working with us on this featured post.



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