Say hello to Cling, a magnetic hanging system designed to help display your prized clothing in style and have your closet looking cooler than ever! It’s minimal, easy to use and a perfect substitute for your hangers.

Cling Magnetic Hangers

While the concept of infusing magnets into hangers is primarily because they look pretty awesome, there is also a practical function too. Clothing racks collapsing under the weight of a serious wardrobe collection is more frequent than we’d care to think about. With Cling, you won’t need to worry. The weight pressure exerted on metallic tubes with traditional hangers isn’t an issue because Cling hangers don’t have hooks that pull down on your clothing rack.

But if hooks are your jam, the makers of the Cling took the liberty of detaching the hook off of the traditional hanger and gave it new function. A detachable plastic hook comes with the hanger and has a strong steel magnet attached to it which means it can latch on to the hanger. You can attach the hook upside down to hold your ties or even attach them to or doors as a place to hang scarves or keys.

The Cling works on regular closet racks or standalone racks and is meticulously designed to prevent stretches or damages to your clothing. If you know your magnets, the Cling uses Neodynium magnets N52… They’re very good apparently can hold up to 2.5 pounds of weight.

That’s plenty enough for a suit, a t-shirt, shirt, dress, sweater… the lot. The only issue is it obvious needs a metallic surface or metallic tube to be any good! They’re being sold on crowd-funding website Kickstarter with prices starting from around £10 for three.




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