Columbia Sportswear Are Dropping Jackets Inspired by Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

Star Wars: The Last Jedi will be hitting our cinemas in just a few days now and we couldn’t be more excited. And like all big movies these days, the release coincides with a whole load of awesome merch collaborations too. Following on from last year’s successful Rogue One drop, Columbia Sportswear has once again teamed up with LucasFilm for a limited edition collection of Star Wars-inspired jackets which will keep you toasty even on Hoth!

Yes, celebrating the garments warn by Commander Like Skywalker, Princess Leia, and Captain Han Solo while they served the Rebellion on ice-bound planet Hoth, Columbia Sportswear have produced three reinventions of the jackets seen in the 1980 classic Empire Strikes Back – and there’s only 1,980 examples of each up for grabs!

The Luke Skywalker Echo Base Jacket will keep you warmer than a tauntaun. The durable cotton-blend, water-resistant jacket and vest combination features a stowable hood and Omni-Heat Reflective insulation to conserve body heat, meaning you’ll stay warm and dry whether you’re patrolling an ice planet or getting ready for a duel with your father.


The Han Solo Echo Base Parka will keep you warmer than a hug from your favourite wookiee. Crafted of durable, water-resistant, cotton-blend fabric and insulated with Omni-Heat Thermal Reflective, the jacket features a faux-fur trimmed hood that allows you to slip past bounty hunters incognito.


For the Janes, the Leia Organa Echo Base Jacket is crafted of durable, water-resistant, cotton-blend fabric and again insulated with Omni-Heat Reflective. The versatile jacket and vest combination delivers a vintage look with a rugged yet regal combo which will help you lead with confidence whether you’re battling the elements or staring down a Star Destroyer.

The Columbia Sportswear jackets inspired by Star Wars are set for release in Columbia’s Kensington store and online tomorrow morning (8th December 2017) at 5am. Head over to the Columbia Sportswear Website for more details. Prices start at around £400.