Overnight David appeared at H & M’s flagship store in London Regent Street for the official launch of his new underwear range which is available online today.

David Beckham H&M Underwear

For us, the range is a little, erm, beige. Take the small front label off and this could well be any underwear range from any middle of the road retailer. Disappointed? Yes indeed we are!

Check the snaps below and see for yourself. And try to ignore what we can only assume are computer generated legs…


Footballer David Beckham has teamed up with H&M for an exclusive new underwear range, with the TV advert debuting during the Super Bowl on 5th February. It’s an interesting move for H&M who have primarily concentrated on online advertising in the past and veered away from prime-time TV. The superbowl ad alone is said to cost them over $2 million. But with the draw of David Beckham in skimpy white boxers, and all of the potential additional advertising time that successful Superbowl ads can attract, this could be a winner for H & M.

Now, we havent managed to see any of the range yet, which will go on sale in H&M Stores from 2 February but we get a glimpse (a small one, cough…) from the ad preview below. The line will mainly include boxers and briefs, but will also feature vests, shorts and t-shirts.

You can also follow all the action by using the twitter hashtag #beckhamforhm – oh and of course follow us.




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