We’ve probably all heard of dry shampoo for our hair. But chances are you’ve probably never heard of dry wash for your clothes. Claiming to perform similar wonders on your clothes as it does for your hair when washing just isn’t an option, we tested out Day 2 Dry Wash to see whether it left our worn clothes feeling like they were fresh from the tumble dryer!

The End of Washing Machines? Day 2 Dry Wash Clothes Spray Review

Day 2 Dry Wash comes in a can and sprays just like a dry shampoo would. To use it, Day 2 suggest you simply laying down your garment on a soft surface (bed or sofa will do the trick), spraying it evenly for around 6-7 seconds, smoothing out the creases and leaving said garment to hang for 15 minutes; the first thing you’ll notice about Day 2 is it’s wetter than a lot of other sprays – hence the hanging.

So how did it work? Unfortunately Day 2 can’t get rid of any stains – don’t get rid of your washing machine just yet – but clothes do certainly feel ‘fresher’. It’s hard to know how much of the freshness is down to Day 2 ‘gender neutral’ scent which is relatively potent. But even if it’s smoke and mirrors, there’s definitely some difference in feel.


Where Day 2 really impressed us is how much it decreased some of our shirts without the use of an iron. It does this witchcraft through a ‘stiffening molecule’ which tightens fabrics and keep them looking freshly-pressed. But don’t think this means you’ll now have rigid jumpers; Day 2 also softens fibres by forming a soft, lubricating layer across the surface.

So what clothes can you use Day 2 on? Well, there’s three different versions, so nearly everything is covered. The Original Dry Wash Spray is formulated for the majority of fabric types – polyesters, cottons, etc – while the Delicates Spray is for knits, woollens, etc, and the Denim Spray is formulated for… well, Denim. None are suitable for use on silk, leather, vinyl or suede yet but there are plans afoot, so watch this space.


Day 2 say that one full-sized bottle of the stuff will last approximately 25 garments and while we’ve not used it enough to test that theory, in our rough estimates we’d say they’re probably right. Unlike actually washing your clothes in a machine, the Wash Spray also has no effect on colour either.

Overall, we were fairly impressed with Day 2 – it decreased our clothes and did leave them feeling ready to be worn again. We’d say it’s not going to be an essential in your home anytime soon as chances are you’ve got enough clothes to be able to wash them properly, even if semi-regularly. But on long-haul trips and especially at festivals, we think Day 2 could just have found a niche.

All Day 2 Original, Denim and Delicates 200ml Wash Sprays are available now for £7.50 from the Day 2 Website, where you can also get a 75ml travel spray for £4.




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