Dirty Velvet T-Shirt Collection

Creating swish, stylish and funky designed T-shirts with original graphics, combining their strong and thought provoking imagery with what seems like their slightly twisted view of the world, we yet again feature Essex based clothing brand Dirty Velvet.

The Dirty Velvet T-shirt collection looks to impress with it’s rich, stylistic designs alongside quality materials and craftmanship, creating attractive, quirky and thought provoking T-Shirts that are made to last. With Dirty Velvet you’ll find a mix and match of topical designs, that look to be both satirical and eye catching, fitting in perfectly with the creative, sarcastic and witty UK gentleman vibe. Making waves through the UK cultural world, Dirty Velvet have seen a number of celebrity endorsements with the likes of Russel Howard, Tim Minchin, Misfits actor Robert Sheehan and Babyshambles drummer Danny Goffey all ‘repping’ the brand.

What they’ve got here is great quality, brilliantly designed T-Shirts that turn heads, and we like them, we like them a lot.

Check out our preview video below feturing some of our favourite designs, or you can shop now over at Dirty Velvet.