With satire forming the basis for many of their designs, with influences from society, religion, politics and beyond, Dirty Velvet provide something for everyone to both make you laugh and get you thinking.

Dirty Velvet T-Shirts & Competition

The range comprises cartoon images alongside modified graphics with some tongue in cheek themes. Established in 2006 the brand is going from strength to strength with Gary Barlow, Russell Howard and James Corden among their esteemed wearers.

We have picked out our favourite three tees, as well as giving you chance to win one of your own, here they are:

The First is entitled ‘War Games’ and features a tank which has seen better days sat in a field with a child swinging off the tank’s gun. There is an unexploded bomb sat in the foreground featuring some smiley face graffiti. The image is emotive in the sense that the fun of the swing is juxtaposed with the danger of the tank and the bomb. There is a certain peace to the image however as the wheels are falling off the tracks, and there are vines growing over the tank, so whatever war was going on, seems long over now.

The second style of choice is ‘The Thinker’. It is an all-together less serious design. It is inspired by the iconic bronze sculpture by Rodin which depicts a man in meditation battling with a powerful internal struggle. The t-shirt on the other hand shows the thinking concerning himself with less serious, but equally as important subject matter.

The final favourite at the Average Joes office is ‘Crowd Control’. With the police often at the heart of conflict, and public uprisings, there is a connotation between the law enforcers and serious political issues. The image however displays a retro riot van, with a water cannon firing at a group of people, however they are no ordinary troublemakers – they are a group of attractive women in their swimwear enjoying the whole situation!

The tees are well made, and the quality of the cotton is evident as soon as you put them on. Dirty Velvet use organic cotton without the use of any methods that are damaging to the environment to produce their garments, giving them a robust and premium feel, with a slightly thicker and more comfortable wear. The fit is slim, allowing for a sleek silhouette and modern look, with short sleeves allowing you to show off your guns!

All in all the collection from Dirty Velvet is different to the rest of the market, and thats what makes them so great; they challenge the norm and get you thinking and have a splash of the surreal to make you stand out from the crowd.

Now to the competition, we have two t-shirts to give away to two lucky readers. All you have to do? Head over to our Facebook, like the page and tell us which is your favourite design on the post! Couldn’t be simplier!


No employees from AJB or Dirty Velvet may enter
Winner will be contacted via Facebook, and must confirm details within 5 days
Editors decisions is final
Closing date will be 21:00pm on 4 July 2013
T-Shirt Design and Sizes cannot be guaranteed
Winner must like AJB on Facebook at time of draw



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