We have been keeping an eye on Dove Men+Care for a while now and have become quite fond of their face care collection over the past months, and to follow on the success we can now test out the new Dove Men+Care Shaving Range.

Dove Men+Care Shaving

There are 3 different products, Dove Men+Care Shave Cream, Dove Men+Care Shave Gel and the Dove Men+Care Shave Foam and they are available in the three different skin types you can find in their face care range (but not all of them), the Hydrate+, Sensitive+ and Revitalise+. So assuming we have done our maths right, we make it 6 products in total!

The new Dove Men+Care Shave Cream is a low foaming option to erm, foam. Moisturising and containing mild cleansers it is only available in Hydrate+ at an RRP of £3.49. The new Dove Men+Care Save Gel produces a rich lather and large foam that is much milder and gentle on the skin to help prevent irritation. Available in Hydrate+, Sensitive+ and Revitalise+, also at £3.49. The Dove Men+Care Shave Foam is a protective film which is slightly less mild than the gel and is available in Hydrate + and Sensitive + for the same price of £3.49.

If you are a wet shaving fanatic then you can check out the new Dove Men+Care Shaving Range in stores during the coming weeks.




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