Elvis & Kresse Weekend Bag Review

Bags, Bags, Bags. We love them. Who ever thought of the carrying device which is now known as a bag is to be thanked for a lot. Whether it costs you 5 pence from your local fashion store, a bag for life from the supermarket or a rucksack – we use them over and over. As such choosing the right bag for your needs and style is paramount – especially for men for a bag may be just one of two or three accessories to any outfit. We decided to go out on a search for our perfect weekend bag and came across Elvis & Kresse. Read on for our Elvis & Kresse Weekend Bag Review.

The technical bits. Elvis & Kresse aren’t like your average bag maker. Starting in 2005 recycling is very uch at the heart of what they do, and their Weekender encompasses that more than most. Nearly all of their kit (not just bags) features somewhere, some recycled fire hose. Yes – recycled fire hose. Not the immediate material of choice, but when you think about it, it does make perfect sense. Hoses get wear and tear and when a hole comes along they are pretty much useless for carrying water, even if the remainder of the hose is a-ok.

With the Weekender you actually have two options. The fire-hose addition as described above or the limited run of ‘Print Rooms’ which is the one we fell in love with. The handles are still made from that recycled fire hose from one of London’s famed fire services, but the actual bag is made from reclaimed printing blankets on the exterior and is still fitted with the same interior lining, the softest old auction banners – meaning every interior will be completely unique.

Each bag comes a a large main pocket, side external pocket, an internal zip pocket and 3 further internal slide pockets – giving plenty of storage options. The shape of the bag is built for visual appeal (probably the best looking bag I have ever seen) but that does mean some of the space is lost. The zip is a single across the top and the ends then fold down and are clipped into place (with fire hose of course). This does mean you can’t quite fit all of the amount of stuff you may think at first glance, but definitely enough for a weekend away.

Whilst I have no idea what a ‘reclaimed printing blanket’ actually is. I can tell you about it. the material is very dark but not quite black and I guess you would say it is actually rubberised? But not in looks – aesthetically it has a beautiful matte finish which you can really appreciate in the flesh. And whilst it will make over time, I think this will just add to the character and lure of the bag.

For us, the Elvis & Kresse Weekend Bag is, visually, the best bag out there for the modern male. People ask you about your bag it’s that beautiful. It’s nearly like I have a cute puppy but without the mess. You can shop the bag now over at Elvis & Kresse for £299.99 and also check out their other bits. We love the belts!

Elvis Kesse Weekender Bag Review