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Eone Watches

As is the case with most of our wardrobe, we like to be a little different when it comes to our watches. That doesn’t mean wearing something garish or too out there, but we do like a subtle twist when it comes to our timepieces. Which is why we love the look of Eone Watches and their debut product, the Bradley.

At Eone, they believe good design is inclusive, not exclusive. Pronounced as the letter ‘e’ and the number ‘one,’ Eone is short for ‘everyone’, reflecting their desire to offer timepieces to Joes with a spectrum of abilities. As such, their debut timepiece, the Bradley, was created to accommodate both sighted and visually-impaired Joes equally.

Available with a number of different colours, finishes and straps, the Bradley doesn’t use a traditional face as we’d know it. Instead of traditional watch hands, two ball bearings indicate the time – one on the face for the minutes and one of the side for the hour – offering Joes a new, unique way to check time through the touch of your finger.

Eone Watches Bradley 1
The Bradley is named after former Navy Lieutenant Bradley Snyder, who lost his sight from an IED explosion in Afghanistan while serving as a bomb defuser. Despite the accident, Snyder won two Gold medals and a Silver in swimming at the 2012 Paralympic Games, exactly one year after the explosion, and he also just set a World Record in the men’s S11 100m Freestyle to win Gold in Rio.

Eone have teamed up with the Kilimanjaro Blind Trust to create a special edition Bradley timepiece too. Each purchase of the Bradley x KBT timepiece will help blind children in East Africa read, write, and learn by either repairing a Brailler device or providing a year’s worth of Braille paper.

The Eone Watches Bradley x KBT will be available for £299 from 17th October for pre-order, and also in select retailers from 1st November. The Bradley face comes with plenty of other straps and colour schemes over at the Eone Watch Website.

Eone Watches Bradley x BKT
Eone Watches Bradley



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