If sport and keeping fit is your thing, make sure you carry on reading! Not only do we have a review of the latest Equmen range, but we will also be giving you the chance to win one of three sets of their garms.


If sport and keeping fit is your thing, make sure you carry on reading! Not only do we have a review of the latest Equmen range, but we will also be giving you the chance to win one of three sets of their garms.

Firstly if you have never heard of it, it’s compression wear (undergarments) which is engineered to optimise and energise the body using physiotherapy and ergonomic technologies (more info on the Equmen website). In the past month I have used it for golf, over 1500 miles of road cycling, the gym, body pump, spinning, running & football and I have to say it has impressed me all the way. I have been testing a sleeveless vest singlet, normal trunks and a pair of their new precision socks.


I decided to go for the vest as I still wanted plenty of freedom in the arms (when playing golf), there is also t-shirt and long sleeve variations available which I think would be my preference during winter, but with the summer months upon us the vest was the best way to go. And no matter what sport I was participating in, it exceeded expectations. I have always had problems with my lower back, nothing major but general niggles appear after prolonged periods. The support here and leading up to the shoulders is second to none. It is definitely a tight fit but it just adds extra security and makes you feel more confident.

It’s by far my favourite piece of the range, and now I have it I won’t be going to the gym without it!

Next up, the trunks, they also do long trunks or briefs so it really does come down to personal preference. I chose the trunks as I just prefer the normal look and feel of a boxer, though I think the long trunks may come into their own if you do a lot of leg work. They definitely aren’t your average boxers, much tighter with support in specific areas around the quads and hamstrings. The fit and look is good, I would have no worries about stripping down to my pants in a drunken stupor if I was wearing these. Then again if I am that drunk would I worry about my underwear…

Sock wise, it’s one style and size fits all. Personally I found that they were too long for me and I could never use them comfortably (only under shinpads for football). I would wear them to the gym and rolled down, but I think the benefits are limited when you do that. They did tend to keep my feet cooler than other socks which was a plus but I would like to see some short socks which stop at the ankle I think. Build some extra support in them and then they would be great for cycling, running or anything else whilst wearing shorts.


Yes everything feels tight to the skin but that’s the support it gives you which ultimately helps to breed confidence. Not only that but it is actually a bit like those women fat pants you see! When wearing the vest I seem to have better posture and even I look like I am ripped under a shirt (well nearly!). We should mention the quality, as the material is much thicker to give the extra support you get the feeling that these could last for years. Well I hope they do!

Still not convinced? It’s used by some of the worlds best athletes, including David Haye and Fulham midfielder Danny Murphy….


Anyway, now on to the competition, so we have 3 sets to give away and you can make your choice from a top, a set of underwear and some socks. We are going to make this competition pretty easy! To win all you need to do is head over to twitter RT the following phrase! ‘I want to win a set of @equmen goodies with @averagejoesblog. Just Follow and RT to win! http://ow.ly/5oHZg’

Or click here to make it extra easy!

Overall we love this kit, and if you aren’t lucky enough to win then I would still check it out. The competition is open to anyone apart from the usual association with AJB or Equmen, we will draw the winners on Friday 8 July! Good luck!




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