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Everest Style for the Average Joe

To celebrate the release of Everest, starring Keira Knightley and Jake Gyllenhaal, we decided to put together a list of mountain gear-inspired pieces that will have Joes looking like a true adventurer on the slopes… or the streets if you don’t fancy all the frostbite and 100ft drops!

Everest follows the story of two expeditions starting their final ascent towards the summit of Mount Everest, and while we don’t recommend you use all of our picks in the Nepalese mountains, we reckon our choices are perfect for the colder months ahead for the urban Joe!


Musto Ventile PrimaLoft Parka

The first thing we all buy when we’re about to hit the mountains is something we all can see will keep us warm, and that’s a jacket. We absolutely love this Musto Ventile PrimaLoft Parka which comes in at £1,249. Designed for extreme Arctic conditions, it’s made from the entirely natural Ventile fabric that ensured the survival of 80% of WWII fighter pilots who bailed into the sea. It’s highly breathable and the 100% cotton weave becomes waterproof on contact with water as the fibres expand. Also, the responsibly sourced coyote fur hood trim does not retain water or freeze, offering the ultimate protection for your face.


Sorel Paxson Tall Waterproof Boots

Needless to say, whether you’re climbing K2 or strolling on the Yorkshire Dales, you’re going to need a boot that’s warm and, most importantly, dry. That’s why we liked the look of these Paxson Waterproof Boots for £140 from Canadian brand Sorel. This new addition to the Paxson line combines rugged stitching with supple, nubuck leather and nylon upper and seam-sealed construction to create a boot that’s warm, breathable and fully waterproof.


Fjällräven Övik Knit Sweater

Now under your jacket is where you can get start to get playful with patterns and we think this Fjällräven Övik Knit Sweater for £125 hits the spot. This Scandinavian patterned sweater is made from soft and warming wool for everyday use as well as relaxed outdoor life. It has excellent functionality as the wool wicks away moisture from base layer garments and is one of few fibres that still warms even when damp. The Övik will work perfectly as an insulating middle layer under the Musto Parka.


Penfield Howland Pants

It can hard to find hiking-inspired trousers than fit in all the right places but we think we’ve found just the thing! New to Penfield for this season, the Howland is perfect for £110. The cuffed utility pant is constructed from soft Melton wool and has an elasticated rib cuff and darted knee for comfort no matter what you’re doing. Made for hiking or lounging, the Howland’s features include angled side hand pockets, flap closure rear pockets with rubberized snaps.


Helly Hansen Duffel Bag 2

Now any good adventurer, whether it’s in the city or the arctic, is going to need a bag to carry all those compasses. We reckon this Helly Hansen Duffel Bag 2 for £60 might just do the trick… for the urban Joes, anyway! The sporty looking 30L duffel bag is constructed with a packable solution and a waterproof, soft main fabric. The bag offers great versatility with multiple compartments and conversion between bag and backpack. It’s also handily carry-on luggage size if you’re off travelling.


Regatta Daved Hat

And last but certainly not least, add some colour to your outfit with a classic bobble hat. This Daved Hat by Regatta is going for just £10 on Go Outdoors and will brings a touch of stripy style to your cold weather wardrobe. The chunky rib-knit is lined with super soft fleece and is finished with a roll up hem then topped with a beautiful bobble.

So there we have it – our Everest-inspired fashions tips for the adventurer Joe! Everest is released today (Friday 18th September) in the UK. We reckon you can expect some chilling tension!




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