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Fashion Essentials: The Polo Shirt

The polo shirt is a staple of every wardrobe. The absolute definition of smart-casual, the versatility and timeless look makes it an essential in every man’s collection.

The Beginning

The Polo shirt has always been a corner stone of sport, originally in the 1930s, but it was many years later that the polo shirt became every day wear in modern fashion, and arguably brought to the forefront by the mods of the 60s. Paired with tailored suits for that cool, casual made-to-measure look. Before being welcomed on to the high street the original popularity was of course in sport. Designed by Rene Lacoste as a light alternative to bulky sportswear (ultimately dress shirts), they first became the standard for tennis but soon spread to Golf and Polo. And are still just as popular today.

How to wear the Polo Shirt

Classic Mod
A fitted polo shirt matched with jeans and a bomber jacket completes a slightly more casual mod look that made the shirt so popular. This fashion-conscious subculture is best known for its sharp clothes, in particular the tailored style offered by designer’s such as Fred Perry and Lacoste themselves. Match it with a pair of pointed leather shoes to complete the mod look.

mod fashion 60s

A smart, academic look that originated from the old Ivy League school campuses of America, preppy fashion is the style you associate with the students of 1950s movies. Everything from argyle sweaters, varsity jackets and boat shoes defining the era. Preppy is now back in a big way, and there’s no better shirt to wear under a sleeveless vest than a twin-tipped polo shirt – and if you want to push it even further, a bow tie!

how to wear a polo shirt

While a polo shirt is ideal for some of the smarter trends, it’s easily dressed down with a comfortable, loose-fitting style. Sports polos are a great option – especially if you’re a rugby fan! – but really any polo matched with a pair of jeans and comfortable trainers makes for a quick, fashionable outfit in a flash.

It’s equally easy to dress up a polo shirt in a more modern way, making it the ideal alternative to stuffy shirts to give the impression of relaxed formality. Fit is everything here, so remember to try on a few different styles and choose the one that best suits your body shape. Bold block colours give a striking effect under a well-tailored jacket and of course stripes were all the rage last year. Match with some skinny black jeans or tailored chinos – and as it is winter, top off with a pair of Chelsea boots to give it a little classic touch.


Round Up

There really is no excuse for not having a range of Polo Shirts in your wardrobe, we had a quick count of Joe’s, and found a massive 19 different styles, fits and materials! Though he is an avid golfer, 11 of those can easily be worn on the 19th hole and beyond. As with all clothes, the fit is everything, so no ordering off the internet just yet! Get down to your local store and try a load on! There really is no excuse – even Debenhams have over 400 different Polo Shirts! – see what brands, styles and colours work for you and go from there. Baggy is only cool when it’s for sport, or your missus is wearing it!

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