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Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is coming around once again, and here is our list of top picks for Father’s Day Gift Ideas in 2013. Don’t panic, still plenty of time to get in there with a classic gift…

Power Tools

A classic suggestion but always worth taking into consideration! Perhaps its time to update the tool shed and bring in some wireless DIY kit? Whilst it is not something we usually pay particular heed to (although we know we should), we did happen to notice the Gyro Driver by Black &Decker. An electric screwdriver that responds to a flick of the wrist? Sounds pretty cool, although not for industrial sized DIY jobs!


Paul Smith Ties
A tie is a classic gift for Father’s Day, and whilst it could infuriate your father, you could win him over by getting one of the newest and best looking ties around. We are a big fan of the latest Paul Smith range of ties, although if you fancy stretching yourself and the budget, splash out on one of the more bold Alexander McQueen ties.


Tateossian Cufflinks
Men’s accessories typically make the best gift for father’s day if you are really struggling for that personal touch. Cufflinks, however, have the flexibility to add a touch of the personal to something inherently classy and functional. If you want something understated and refined, I would recommend the Links of London collection – their Mclaren cufflinks are a particular favourite of ours. If you are after colourful, Paul Smith should be your one-stop cufflink shop. If you want your father to have something a little different, check out the Tateossian range, whose mechanical looking cufflinks we find incredibly eye-catching.


Fathers day socks
I know, I know, socks? Well, socks are a staple Father’s Day gift for a reason! We think that if you are going to get socks, make them decent. Please avoid socks that say “world’s best”, and instead, get pick up a pack of Bjorn Borg socks. Alternatively, if you want something a little more functional, why not try Rohan’s Cool and Cold socks, designed for being outdoors in the typically British cooler weather.

Beer Lover

Avoid novelty beer glasses at all costs! Unless, of course, they are as fantastic as the hopside down cup. For a classy way to drink, we very much enjoy drinking from our Stella Artois chalice. If you don’t think your father minds waiting a bit for the pay off, you could also consider one of the beer brewing kits? For something beer related that is a bit different, we thought that a can crusher might be a good way of keeping it clean and green once you’ve finished your father’s day shared beverages.

Wine Lover

Some of us are beer drinkers, some wine, some whiskey. For the wine loving fathers out there, we would recommend something a little different than a stupidly labelled bottle… We really like the corkcicle, which for some odd reason now comes in different colours. Keeps wine cool without diluting it, and keeps the air out – genius. If you want to store it, with our new found love of ski slopes, we were rather taken by the ski wine rack.

Whiskey Lover

Vinturi Spirit Aerator
Drinking whiskey has become a lot more complicated in the past 5 years with so many different additions and changes to the experience. We recommend a good set of whiskey stones for keeping it cool without diluting it. If you insist on ice, go for the ice balls mould, which can cool it quickly without diluting the drink too much. Then there is the spirit aerator that changed the way we drank whiskey forever! So much choice, but any of the above would be perfect for a whiskey loving father.

Red Letter Days

red letter days
These days you can buy experiences for anything. Whether you think your father fancies a day out on the track in a brand new Audi R8, or whether he might like to shoot round in a classic model, these are easily done. You can even sort out fancy dinners this way. Just don’t be the guy who gets his dad a spa day…


Fathers are trying to get fitter a lot these days, so feel free to help them out by getting them a Nike+ Fuel Band to keep them on track and get them competitive. Alternatively, maybe you could stump up for some new running shoes or track wear? We love Adidas’ latest running pumps. If you want your dad to look good when he is out on a ride, we recommend Rohan’s new Tailwind jacket that will also keep him protected from the elements.


Kindle Paperwhite
Try not to get them vouchers this time round, with eReaders being remarkably cheap you can get him a few books and a new way in which to read them. Easy for travelling, in low lights, power efficient and generally just remarkable, we recommend the latest Kindle Paperwhite. Gadgets are easy gifts these days, but make sure its something he’ll want to use rather than leave to gather dust.

Running out of ideas?

Leather goods like travel bags, wallets and soap bags make fine gifts. We also think that sporting specific presents are always welcome. Of course, if he’s not sporty and prefers sitting indoors, a notebook and pen set could be a welcome surprise? Maybe a subscription of some kind – his favourite magazine for a year, or alternatively you could sign up for Spotify, Rdio or Deezer?



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