With 110 years experience in the watch making business alongside their Swiss heritage, the now Spanish based, watch manufacturers Festina are pretty well versed in promoting a new watch. And it gets better with the Festina Profundo Diving Watch.

Festina Profundo - Diving Watch in a Bag

A rather inspired piece of point-of-sale marketing has taken the concept of product self-promotion to a whole new level. The new Festina Profundo watch can claim a unique and innovative way of being presented to the customer. Designed by Ralf Schroder and colleagues at German advertising agency Scholz & Friends, the packaging just has the company logo and the words “engineered for water”.

With the watch packaging consisting nothing more than simple yet effective bag of distilled water, the watch is able to demonstrate its waterproof capabilities to potential buyers just by being suspended in-situ in its container. This concept effectively conveys the quality of the product and gives the potential client a sense of confidence in their purchase before they have even showered, swam or dived with the timepiece.

The Festina Profundo is of course a quality timepiece. It has a stainless steel case and rubber strap, and is powered by the same Japanese quartz movement that goes in all Citizen Watches, and perhaps most importantly for a diving watch is water resistant to 200m or 20atm which is suitable for all high impact water sports and scuba diving at depths not requiring helium gas. Which is pretty much any that isn’t deep sea diving.

All in all, a pretty impressive offering, which will retail at £320 and will be available soon at your local stockist.



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