Festival season is in full swing and while we all look forward to a weekend of booze, jumping and singing, packing for a festival can be almost traumatic. Thanks to the unpredictable British weather, you need options but there’s also nothing worse than packing too heavily.

Festival Style with Somersby Cider

Somersby Cider has partnered with Lily Allen’s stylist Richard Sloan to provide us with some quirky and original festival outfits for the summer months to save our troubles!

A plain basic t-shirt is essential and Richard has also styled us with a checked shirt to set it off. A pack up rain jacket adds style and practicality, while chino shorts and Sunglasses complete our quintessential festival look! We also asked Richard those all important questions you need answering before you head off to sit in a field full of cow dung…

Hi Richard. Do you think it’s important to cater for the ever-changing Great British weather during a festival?
No! Think positively and hope for sunshine at all times! Catering for a change in weather is tempting fate. Being caught in the rain is part of the festival experience.

What trends do you think we’ll be seeing during this summer’s festivals? We’re hoping onesies are a thing of the past…
There are so many different festivals now with really varied and eclectic line ups. I hope that this will encourage people to dress with individuality. Festivals should be about having fun, not worrying about being “on trend”

Wellies or no wellies?
Wellies are good! I love the hunter ones available now. They are so many different styles and colours.

Do you think we should be packing light for festivals or do we need to give ourselves options?
You can have options for any festival and still pack light. An American Apparel or Alexander Wang T shirt and vest top take up minimal space, and there are so many places to buy things online if you need anything extra or if anything catches your eye :)

So there we have it! Pack light with some basic tops you can add layers too and don’t worry about the weather, just think positive thoughts! And while you’re at it, get positive with a lovely cider. Somersby Original is crisp and juicy, and will provide festival Joes with some real refreshment.

Somersby Cider Original has partnered with Lily Allen’s stylist Richard Sloan for the festival season. You can pick up a refreshing cider at Lord Somersby’s Manor House at festivals up and down the country this summer. #Somersby




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