Not many Joes likes chores and being your Average one, we’re no different. While we can all purchase a dishwasher, let the bin overflow until our better half decides she can’t take it anymore, and even do away with ironing altogether, there’s one chore we can’t avoid and that’s folding our clothes.

FoldiMate Automatic Clothes Folding Machine

But in our quest to cut corners and save time at every turn, we’ve just come across the FoldiMate, an automatic clothes folding juggernaut! The FoldiMate is said to efficiently fold and even de-wrinkle your clothes using robotics and steam. There’s even a perfume option to get rid of any lingering odours!

In order to use this beast, Joes (or Janes) simply clips 15-20 items of onto the front of the machine. The FoldiMate then takes an item of clothes in at a time where said garments are folded using robotic arms and are then put out neatly on a pull-out tray, which has a capacity for 10-30 items depending on thickness.

FoldiMate Automatic Clothes Folding Machine 1
Items are folded to a default size of 9 x 11 in (23 x 28 cm) but if you’re drawers are a little smaller, the size option is adjustable. All items are folded in the same way but if you’re a bit anal about these things, then you’ll be pleased to learn different folding styles will be available to buy from FoldiMate’s online store. While there is a dewrinkling process to FoldiMate, it annoyingly won’t replace ironing.

But what about time? FoldiMate say its contraption takes less than 5 seconds to clip on an item, around 20-30 seconds for dewrinkling and just 10 seconds per item for the folding. The only issue we can initially see is the device is restricted to certain types of clothing. I.E. shirts, jumpers and tees.

The FoldiMate automatic clothes folding machine is available for pre-order now on the FoldiMate Website. Prices are expected to be between £500-£600 with deliveries expected in 2017.

FoldiMate Automatic Clothes Folding Machine 2



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