When it comes to product – whether it clothing or food for consumption – the word ‘natural’ is very much sought after. But we don’t think we’ve come across a clothing label that can boast such a description quite as proudly as FORREST, who have just launched the world’s first luxury bag range made from leaves, wood and stone!

Introducing the World's First Luxury Bag Made from Leaf, Wood & Stone

Founded in Thailand, FORREST have built on the success of their natural watch range with a new collection of luxury bags. The collection is like nothing we’ve come across with FORREST developing a breakthrough design process that uses real leaves, wood and stone, without sacrificing durability, flexibility or function.

The Leaf range has been made thanks to a process which involves preserving, combining, and splash proof finishing the Thai leaf Bauhinia Aureifolia, while FORREST’s Rose Wood has been developed to increase elasticity and flexible without any cracking.


Unsurprisingly, Silver Stone presents the biggest challenge as it need to be thin and flexible, but still leave the rough and uneven touching of the stone. FORREST have mastered a finishing technique that can retain these attributes as much as possible. The end result is a unique sparkle and rough texture.

Each FORREST bag is finished with European full grain leather to create three styles of bag, each available in the three natural materials. The Mini Backpack is the smallest in the range and will snuggly fit in the likes of an iPad Air, as well as small everyday possessions.


Perfect for the daily commute, the medium-sized Shoulder Bag is big enough for a 13″ laptop or document size, while the largest Bacjpack can fit almost everything you’d need for a short weekend away.

The FORREST Bag collection is available in Leaf, Wood and Stone Editions over at the Kickstarter Website, where the initial goal has already been met. Prices start at around £228 for a Mini Backpack and rise to £354 for the bigger Backpack. Deliveries are expected in March 2019.


Another collection with sustainability in mind is Stella McCartney’s vegan-free Stan Smith collection with adidas.



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