We love a smartwatch here at Average Joes and we particularly like the look of American designers Fossil’s first foray into the market with the Q Founder. The classic watchmaker has teamed up with tech giants Intel to create this very modern timepiece.

Fossil Q Founder Smartwatch

At first glance, the Founder has clearly taken some inspiration from the Moto 360 – which we so happen to think is one of the most attractive smartwatches currently on the market. Made from stainless steel, the Q Founder features a traditional round bezel with exclusively designed watch faces and interchangeable strap options in leather or steel.

Similarly to the Moto 360, Fossil’s smartwatch packs a generous 1.5-inch LCD display with a 360 x 326 screen resolution which comes with 240ppi resolution, which makes for good readability no matter what time of day.

The Fossil Q runs on Android Wear and such you’ll get the full Android experience without slowing down, thanks to 1 GB of RAM and a powerful Intel processor. The battery life is also impressive with over 24 hours on normal use.

Fossil Q Founder 2
The light stainless steel case is finished off with either a silver steel bracelet or a leather band. It also comes with 4GB of internal storage and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth come as a standard for some easy connectivity to your devices.

As it’s Android-driven, you can get plenty of Google apps on your Fossil Q, such as Google Maps, Google Fit for you sporty Joes and Google Play Music with over 30 million different tunes to choose from.

The only other main piece of info you might need to know is Fossil say the Q Founder is IP67 rated water resistance, which means you can’t take it swimming but it’ll be just fine if you forget to take it off in the shower!

You can get hold of a Fossil Q Founder Smartwatch from the Fossil Store where it’ll set you back around £200 ($295). That also includes the wireless charging dock. Be warned though, it’s only available from the States at the moment so shipping might add some digits onto the initial price!

Fossil Q Founder 3



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