Fresh Max non Sweat Shirts

For the past few weeks we have been testing the technology in the new range of Fresh Max Shirts. Using similar technology to that found in modern day football shirts, Fresh Max promise to keep you sweat patch free. And to be fair we are pretty impressed, 100% cotton with ‘smart-weave’ technology allows the shirt to feel (and fit) like an expensive, quality shirt but without the added embarrassment of the sweat patches.

Now we know it isn’t exactly the warmest weather outside at the moment, so to test the shirt properly I done the unthinkable and got on the old treadmill. A fast (!) 20 minute run later and I am sweating like Gary Glitter in Michael Jackson’s wardrobe. And although I can feel the sweat, and the shirt is stuck to me, there are no visible sweat marks to be seen anywhere.

Don’t believe me? Ex Soccer AM legend Tim Lovejoy put one to the test in the below video. It is worth watching just to laugh at the ‘QVC’ ish acting!


Overall we love them, and come springtime when the tube / train starts getting a touch to hot for comfort we will be out shopping for more. We suggest you do to and you can check out the whole range online at the Fresh Max Shirts Website and at £50 a pop they are a bargain!