Very rarely do we see something truly innovative and genuinely original in the watch market these days with classic chronographs and smartwatches saturating the market. But while it might not be up for sale just yet – and it probably never will be – we absolutely love this timepiece from Germain Baillot simply titled ‘Concept Watch’.

Germain Baillot Concept Watch

Germain Baillot is a designer and digital designer for Jacob & Co, a luxury timepiece and jewellery brand based in New York City. While the brand weren’t involved in Baillot’s design, Jacob’s & Co’s hallmarks of the fusion of impeccable quality and unmatched creativity can be clearly seen in the Concept Watch.

The Concept Watch prototype proposal is said to be inspired by the realm of aerospace. Modelled in Alias Surface, and rendered/animated in KeyShot, the digital renderings show a pellet-shaped watch face and an adjustable dial function which displays different cities and timezones from around the globe.

Germain Baillot Concept Watch 3
Coming in both a Silver and a Rose Gold colourway, both of the Concept Watches comes with Red detailing on the side ‘dial’, the strap and the watch face itself. The vertical tourbillon on the watch indicates the time in separate hour and minute markings on the outer drums, while the centre drum displays the time zones.The capstan on each end of the watch unscrews with the crown popping out to adjust the watch.

It’s an incredibly unique design and even if you don’t like the look Germain Baillot’s Concept Watch, you’d have to applaud the ambition. There’s no current plans for it to get made but we’ll be sure to update you Joes if we hear anything!

Germain Baillot Concept Watch 2
Germain Baillot Concept Watch 4



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