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Go Lunar with Lynx Apollo

Lynx have not only launched their new line called Apollo, they’ve also launched the most stellar of competitions (pun intended)!

Lynx are giving 1 person each from 22 different countries the opportunity of a lifetime, by flying them upwards 130km and into space with space tourism company SPACEXC and joining the Lynx Space Academy. The competition comes in a number of rounds, whittling down what will be thousands of applicants to the deserving few.


There are 3 main stages, just read on below:

1. Sign up – register yourself with the LSA (Lynx Space Academy), then call on your friends, family and anyone else you can find to support your application. The top 200 will advance further to the next stage

2 – The National Challenge – pitting you against another 199, you’ll go to the national space camp where you will be tested mentally and physically. Its all about being the best, or more like one of the top 3 in this case.

3 – Global Space Camp – Once you have proved your worth, the top 3 from each country will head to Florida and join up with the other international winners. Its not over yet though, as the you will be put through your paces in three training missions (take-off, zero G and re-entry) to see if you’ve got what it takes. A team of space experts will be making a final selection from the competitors to see who has got what it takes to join the crew.

Once you’ve been picked you’ll be sent soaring through the stratosphere into space, and the whole journey with Lynx Space Academy will be broadcast live for all to see. This is seriously too good an opportunity just to let pass you by, so get registered and get shamelessly self-promoting!

Keep an eye out on pretty much any television channel with advertising for the new campaign surrounding Lynx Apollo. It seems 2013 is going to be the year of the astronaut…




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