We’re officially well into winter but that doesn’t means Joes up and down the land aren’t still heading out in their droves to the great outdoors, despite the drop in temperatures. Whether it’s here in the UK or abroad in search of mountains new, you’re going to need to be prepared. Take a look at the GO Outdoors autumn/winter 2015 collection for all your wilderness needs!

GO Outdoors AW15

Taking inspiration from natural worlds, the GO Outdoors AW15 range is all about the rise of ‘Outdoor Leisure’ and the brand has curated new season fashion staples with outdoor silhouettes creating a seamless connection between both worlds.

GO Outdoors are the UK’s largest retailer of all outdoor clothing and equipment, providing all levels of technibility across outdoor activities and equipment. So we’d say they’re probably the best place to start if you want some style as well as protection from the elements.

In the past couple of year, ‘Outdoor Leisure’ has been an inspiration for many fashion brands in the market. With brands such as Montane, North Ridge, Hi-Gear and Mammut all on their books, GO Outdoors will have you covered.

GO Outdoors AW15 4
Key pieces in the AW15 range include the North Ridge Hybrid Down Jacket, the Berghaus Kinder II Microfleece Top and Asics Gel Trail Running shoes. All three brands are key to breaking down the barriers and connecting the link between outdoor wear and fashion.

Layering is also key for the season and Go Outdoors’ Merino base layers can be perfectly coupled with one of their many lightweight durable jackets to keep you warm in style.

Whether you’re hiking, running, cycling or commuting, GO Outdoors have you covered this season. You can check out more details for the GO Outdoors AW15 collection over on their Website.

GO Outdoors AW15 1



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